Job Search is a full time job



Where are all the jobs?

The number of long term unemployed is increasing. Few jobs and more candidates prompts the job seeker to question "Where are the jobs?"

Jobs may be posted but then put on hold while companies re-evaluate whether or not to actually fill the position or make do with current staff.

Every job advertised gets 20, 30, 50 or even a staggering 400 job applicants. Competition is stiff and over whelming for the recruiting manager. It can take six months to get a job offer, longer if you are middle age or more mature.

The amount of time for your job search can even be tied back to your salary range.

It is a good idea to sit back and evaluate your job search efforts every so often to ensure that you are not falling into a rut after a lengthy time searching for a job. Bottom line - it is a tough market out there and the stories of job offers coming within weeks are few and far between, but there are jobs out there so you have to keep working at it.

How do you manage job search frustration?

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Last updated 13th May 2014