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Covering Letter

A perfectly-written cover letter can be more important to your job search than your resume! What most people don't realize is that a cover letter is really a sales letter. It's your personal advertisement, your first impression, your grand introduction. Additionally a brilliantly worded cover letter is the easiest way to assure your resume is the one, amongst a stack of resumes, that actually gets read. The best part is, practically no one understands this fact. So having a great cover letter is almost like having an unfair advantage.

Unfortunately if you are applying via an agency you do not have control over what the agent sends out to the prospective employer. Your covering letter might not arrive!

Here are some tips to create an effective covering letter:-

The first line of your letter is a banner stating what job it is that you are applying for. This is in bold and centred.

  • Address your covering letter to a REAL person. Do your best to find out to whom you should address your covering letter. Using "To whom it may concern" is no one and "Dear Manager" is lifeless.

  • The opening paragraph needs to be attention-grabbing to 'grip' the reader. This will almost guarantee your covering letter and resume will get a closer look.

  • Remember less is more! Use plenty of white space, clear, focused, short and sweet gets the interview.

  • Focus on what you can do for the employer. Show how you can benefit the company. Do a little research and relate this simply and clearly in your letter.

  • Use words that demonstrate enthusiasm and passion for the position you seek. Then carry this passion into the interview with you.

  • Request one action you want the potential employer to take. e.g. "I would really like the opportunity for a personal interview this week".

  • End your covering letter with something enthusiastic and telling like "I look forward to being interviewed at your earliest convenience. Thank you so much for this opportunity." Yours sincerely <your name>. This assumes you have landed the interview. This is clever and smart and works like a charm.

  • End the letter with a P.S and directly ASK for the job interview and provide your  contact number as well.


Last updated 3rd March 2009