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Improving your job search with networking cards

The more people who know you're looking for a job, the more likely you are to find one. That is why you can improve your job search with networking cards, which are becoming increasingly popular. They're small, light and easy to pass out. A networking card looks similar to a business card, but it has more information and is meant to get you a job. Your networking card can look however you want, though its purpose is to get people interested in you as a professional.

The best thing about networking cards is that they are relatively inexpensive to produce. You don't have to contact a professional printing shop to have them designed and manufactured for you. Instead you can easily make your own business cards online or produce them on your home computer. Your networking card can look however you want; just remember that you're attempting to improve your job search. Loud colors, fancy fonts and irrelevant information probably won't help you to that end. The more professional, the better.

One of the most important things to include on your networking cards is your objective, which is the first category on most resumes. The objective tells people what type of job you are looking for and how you hope to get it. In most cases, your objective should only be one or (at the most) two sentences long and should only take up two lines on your networking cards. Remember that you can put everything in small type because you're going to want to put a lot of information on the cards.

The job hunting business card highlights the skills and qualifications you possess for the types of jobs and industries you're targeting. It provides personal contact information, and omits current employer information. It's easy to carry, easy to use, and very discreet. It's a great option when a particular situation would make the offer of a resume inappropriate or inconvenient for the recipient.

If you have a resume Web page, your job hunting business card should include the URL to that, too. This provides easy access to your resume document by your recipient. Providing the URL to a PDF file provides the additional benefit of printing capabilities. If you are actively networking, a job hunting business card can be provided to anyone who has the potential to help you in your job search.

A job hunting business card provides all the information your network needs to initiate interest and open the door for future contact. Obviously, this means that each person on your network list should receive several of your job hunting business cards and be encouraged to pass them out to potential employers or other contacts who can assist you in your search.


Last updated 3rd March 2009