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Video resumes, to use or not to use?

Welcome to the world of YouTube. It is very easy to find video clips and to up load your own video movies from camcorder or mobile phone. In an attempt to stand out from the crowd an increasing number of job applicants have decided to submit their resumes as videos. According to recent surveys video resumes do not seem to be a good idea.

In an attempt to garner more attention during their job search, an increasing amount of applicants have decided to submit their resumes as videos. However, even in the age of video and worldwide communications, according to a recent survey video resumes do not seem to be a good idea.

The Robert Half International survey asked 100 senior executives if their company accepted video resumes, and almost two-thirds of those asked did not. In turn, only 26% said their business will accept them, and 9% did not know what policy their company follows in regards to video resumes. What is the reason that companies are reluctant to accept the new technology? It seems that it may be a fear of being biased towards other applicants, who apply with traditional means like posting to job boards.

This may change but for the moment the best way to apply for a job is to craft error-free resumes targeted to each job and accompanying a strong covering letter to explain why you are the right person for the position.

Demonstrate your skills by building a professional looking website and enhance your current online resume profile. Try different resume formats. Network online and use job search engines to save time. Use alert systems on job boards and be sure to check a company's website for employment advertisements. Depending on your field, an online video resume may give you an edge. It's also a great opportunity to showcase communication skills.

Google yourself, to know what others will find if they are researching your background. If you find unsavory pictures or information, contact the sites and ask them to remove them.


Last updated 3rd March 2009