Job Search is a full time job



Places to seek help while job hunting

With more people seeking work and less jobs on offer the job seeker has a harder task than ever before. The government fund training centres and provide some support to help with career options and improving your resume. Unfortunately some of these are only available after you have been signing on for benefits for 13 weeks. The Job Centre and Citizen Advise Bureau are able to tell you who you can contact and you may get a referral and so the service is free.

  • Career coaches help clients write resumes, put together work portfolios and practice interviewing and networking skills.
  • Career and job search websites are helpful resources. Beyond just job postings, these sites offer networking tips, as well as information on which industries are hiring and salary trends.
  • Free Government-Backed Assistance: The Job Centre has terminals linked to the Job Centre Plus web site. These pre-filter jobs with easy to select options so you can, for example, see all the jobs posted in the last week in your immediate geographical area.
  • Trade Union assistance: If you are a member of a trade union you can get free qualified advise over entitlement and recommendations for a number of financial and legal services.
  • Nonprofits: The Citizen's Advice Bureau offer advise over benefit entitlement, debt management and the law.


Last updated 3rd March 2009