Job Search is a full time job



Target your best career opportunities

Job interviews begin (and sometimes end) with a job search. Even if you already have an interview lined up, you should sharpen your job search skills. You might decide during your interview that you wouldn't really enjoy working in that position. Or you might not get that particular job. You are also in a much stronger position if you can line up more than one interview, particularly if you have more than one job on offer.

Most workers change jobs quite frequently throughout their careers. It's best to be ready to take advantage of any great opportunity that comes along. If you haven't yet decided upon a specific career path, consider taking some career assessment tests and learn more about yourself. Your job search will be more successful if you know what you're looking for in an ideal job.

There are many wonderful online resources to help you find the right fit. Do some surfing, check out the job posting sites, and decide on a few positions that you'd like to apply for. Then prepare and submit your resume. You don't want to prepare your resume first, because you'll be more successful if you customise it to match the specific job for which you are applying. Having a razor-sharp resume, designed specifically to highlight your abilities related directly to the position in question, will immensely increase your odds of getting the interview, and getting the job!



The Career News Vol 8 35

Last updated 3rd March 2009