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Agencies, finding the right one

In addition to looking at online job boards and niche career sites, you might be able to get help by contacting a recruiter, head-hunter or temporary job placement agency. Many agencies have sections for temporary work (where you are an employee of the agency but send out to their client's site) and contracts (where you are freelance or the employee of your own limited company). These may lead to a permanent job offer or have reasonable expectations to the renewal of contracts

Consider contacting a career coach or your local career centre. Not only might they know who is hiring, but they can also provide some great information on future hiring trends and the types of skills needed for these jobs as well as how you can learn these skills.

Recruiters often represent unadvertised jobs. But getting to the right recruiter is not always easy. The key to finding the right recruiter is to understand that recruiters don't find jobs for people - they find people for jobs. In other words, unless you're paying a recruiter directly don't expect them to canvas the world to find you a job. Recruiters will only be interested in you if you're right for a job opportunity at one of their (paying) client companies. Conversely you don't pay and shouldn't not pay for someone under the mistaken promise of getting you work. If you are contacted by an agency the job that they are asking you about may not be real - it is little more than their method to extract information from you.

The key is to get your resume into the hands of the right recruiters at the right time. You have to realise it's a numbers game. Therefore to play it well you need to get your resume to as many recruiters as you can, whose clients currently need people with your skills, in your field and in your geographic area.

You should apply to as many agencies as you can. Although managing this can take time and effort it is one more weapon in the job search. You will soon find out the staff who are more likely to help you and can then concentrate on the agencies and recruiters who seem most affective.



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Last updated 3rd March 2009