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Don't neglect your network. Impress the people responsible for making the hiring decisions. If you're not networking you are crazy, because you're limiting your options and opportunities. Get out of your comfort zone and join industry organizations and introduce yourself to new people. Develop relationships with people who can advance your career or business rather than just collecting business cards.

Constantly manage your professional growth by maintaining your networking both at your company and in the industries that interest you.  When you start to look for a job you will not look as if you are suddenly desperate. You should always be on the search if you are properly managing your career. Your job search should be invisible to those around you.

Don't advise you departure until you make a decision. Most bosses accept this reality and will not not change their opinion of you because of it. You may have a good open and honest relationship with your boss, but the company rules may dictate how you resign. Some companies will immediately walk their staff off the premises. Remain professional.

Check through your postings online and remove any inappropriate material.

If opportunities on the home front aren't materializing, you may want to turn attention overseas. Some of the fastest growing economies -- Russia, China, India, Dubai and countries throughout Asia -- are eager to import English speaking talent.

Most employers have a challenge to find qualified workers. Tap into your social networking increases your chances as an introduction is better than an unknown job seeker. Social networking enables you to link in with people you have links to others that give you the lead that you are looking for. People love to help, particularly if it doesn't put them out too much. Up to 80% of job seekers today find their jobs through networking including old college reunions, job fairs and professional industrial association functions.  No matter where you go though, employed or not, you must always carry a fresh supply of networking cards to hand out when the time is right; it projects an image of professionalism and leaves a lasting impression.

Agencies will pay for introducing the right candidate for jobs that they approach you over. Employers look favourably at the recommendation of friends to the staff that they want to keep. It strengthens their ties with the company as well as providing better inside of the candidate. It is not all positive however as a a room full of like-minded people make for fewer creative differences. As for the people getting hired, their interests change too; like giving up higher salary for a better work life balance.



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Last updated 3rd March 2009