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Newspapers and trade magazines increase your marketability

If you have been recently made redundant or been out of your profession for a while reading business and trade publications can help you right back into work. They allow you to keep up with the latest trends, information, businesses that are doing well and those that are not. They help keep you knowledgeable, sharp and in demand.
If you have recently been terminated from your job, reading business and trade publications can help move you right in to the new job of your dreams. They keep you sharp, well informed, articulate and in-demand. It's no secret that keeping up with news and trends of your industry or profession will give you the competitive edge you need.

Some trade magazines are available online for no more than a free registration. Others may be obtained by the local library and if you don't mine last month's edition ask on your local Freecycle network for no more than a short drive or detour when you do your weekly shopping you can pick up a magazine for free and Freecycle it later.


Last updated 3rd March 2009