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Use technology to transform your job hunt

Technology is streamlining the hiring process. Managers use it to eliminate useless, and costly , interviews and pre-screen candidates before bringing them in for in-person interviews. By using a Web-based video interviewing system, hiring managers can view video clips of job candidates, any time, any place, and share them with other decision makers. Employers can even compare the responses of candidates to the same question, further levelling the playing field.

And job hunters can use technology to distinguish themselves from the pack. By using a video resume in conjunction with a paper resume, the candidate benefits because on camera, personality, enthusiasm and passion come through, making the case even more convincingly than words on the page of a standard resume. Virtual resumes now resemble social networking profiles with photographs, active URL links and videos, showing what a candidate can offer the employer.

"Web 2.0 has changed the way employers and job seekers locate, research, and interview each other," says Marc Scoleri, director of career services at The Art Institute of New York City. "The Internet has enabled job seekers to promote themselves through web-based social networking sites. Social networking profiles are comparable to paper resumes in the sense that they can list the job seeker's employment information, but a social networking profile can show an image or video, with live clickable links so it can be e-mailed to anyone in a split second."



The Career News Vol 8 35

Last updated 3rd March 2009