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Google - how the world may see you

Google and other search engines, like Yahoo and Ask, index web sites, blogs, online forums and the usenet posts. Comments posted and responded to over 15 years ago are available online and can pop up when people search for your name. Such searches may reveal former e-mail accounts and ids you have picked. These in turn can lead to further searches with the assumption that anything turning up may be associated directly with you. If you find unsavoury pictures or information, contact the sites and ask them to remove them. Be assertive.

Your online profile, covering letter and resume should have your full name. People will typically enter what is on the resume into Google and nothing negative should show up. Take advantage of online profiles like LinkedIn. Google likes it and usually will show up in the first few lines of any search. Write reviews of your favourite books and post on Amazon. This give the opportunity to show a little though and demonstrate communication skills. Even better review books related to your work area. 

If you have accounts with Facebook and My Space make sure that these are private and remove anything that might be considered inappropriate or could be taken out of content and be seen as a negative.


Last updated 3rd March 2009