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Recruitment managers don't want your text messages

People are getting us to more communication strategies, but these don't work in the real world and the communication misfires resulting in lost of opportunity. Text messaging, e-mails using text-lingo and messages sent via mobile devices with smiley face emoticons or invitations from MySpace and Facebook are not appropriate. For those in authority such methods of communication come over as disrespectful.

To the "Text Generation" this is an after-interview courtesy, but to an executive hiring manager this comes across as insincere, rushed, and a little shallow or simply bewildering.

Invitations from Facebook to be a 'friend' is not the level of intimacy you can assume with someone you met only long enough to interview you. One day this will change but your job hunting requires you to put yourself in the best light of a hiring manager.


Last updated 3rd March 2009