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A walk around Duxford, Cambridge with a camera phone


Imperial War Museum Flying Legends stills from camcorder 12th July 2008


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  Reports and articles including further details on:
digital video,
internet definitions (Web dictionary - long)
sightseeing (WWW sites of interest - long),
Travel log - trip to India,
telecom call charges comparison,
buying a computer component spreadsheet,
Rates comparison for contractors and employment and IR35 April 2000
Metric and Imperial Units and converting between them - lesson plan, exercise, conversion table, "The Story of Weights and Measures"
Nationhood to Planethood - a fictional future story
eBay costs and charges - how to avoid fee erosion

GCSE A Level Maths Notes and worked examples - contact me for link to my notes.

Job search is a full time job


Computer documentation standards

Importing a Music collection into a Computer Juke Box


iCollect - items of interest from a history of collecting


Variations in Subminiature cameras Minox, Minolta 16, Rollei 16 collection, manuals, tips and book reviews

  Mitsy - house bunny and garden run
  Beautiful Memories: Beautiful Memories offers you a unique opportunity to produce  a DVD of your life story or record messages for your family in an informal, relaxing and enjoyable way.  Now you have the chance to star in your own film!

Sustainable Energy: http://www.withouthotair.com/ read online, buy the buy, look at the figures, change them as you think, argue with them, agree with them and come to a conclusion on your own. David MacKay FRS is a Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge, published in 2008.

Software and The Ultimate Icon Collection

  Download Free Programs - Bicycle, Country Codes, SciCalc, UK STD Dialling Codes and MS Access sample code
  Icon Collection of 36,000 icons

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