India 2018 or 29 years to return to complete my journey of 1989

On 12th April 2018 received an invitation to the wedding of my friend Ravi's daughter to take place in Pune on 26th December. I last visited him and his family in December 1989. My planned journey was interrupted when my passport and cameras were stolen from the train on the way to Kanpur. So I decided against going into the Punjab. It took sometime to obtain a temporary passport from the British Embassy in New Delhi.  

The trip that took 18 Years to Achieve - 6 weeks trip around India

Preparations the pre-travel planning, things to pack, medication, travel insurance, e-Visa, etc.

Doing last minute packing ready to travel

The Flight Out and first day back in India

Day 2 6th December Delhi

Day 3 7th December

Day 4 8th December

Day 5 9th December

Day 6 10th December - resting

Day 7 11th December - The Zoo

Day 8 12th December - Amritsar

Day 9 13th December - The Golden Temple , Attari-Wagah Border Checkpoint

Day 10 14th December - The  GoldenTemple, Jallianwala Bagh

Day 11 15th December - the train to Chandigarh

Day 12 16th December - Chandigarh

Day 13 17th December -





To be continued ...

Day 19 23rd December Pune

Day 22 26th December Pranjal's wedding

Day 60 2nd February, return home


Last updated 15th December 2018