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Download: Bespoke computers spreadsheet calculator (Excel 5.0 format,zipped 120Kilobytes)

Download: Comparison report on Windows NT 3.51/4.0 and Windows 95 (Word 6.0 format, 25Kb)

Thoughts on buying a Personal Computer (March 2000) (Word/Excel 97 format, 185Kb)

Documentation Standards

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The software development cycle is well known and understood in the computer industry, yet few companies follow any form of documentation standards or procedures. Each project is accompanied by a new set of documents that often miss some important points. The standards compiled here discuss aspects of design and development and form the foundation for documents to be produced for any given project.

Included are documents on configuration management, quality assurance, proposals, requirement specifications, design guides for Visual Basic and Access and many forms for time keeping, meetings, project builds, budgets, change requests, problem reports, etc.

IR35 - Comparison

sterling.gif (164 bytes)IR35.XLS Spreadsheet

Factors Affecting Contracts & Avoiding Deemed Employee Status (Word 6/95 document 48Kbytes - 22nd March 2000) looks at the IR35 Guidelines and the case law suggested that points to self-employed status.


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Video, Audio and capture

Article: A discussion on the revolution in digital formats (DAT, DVD, DVC) (htm, 24Kb)

Babylon 5 UK Program Listings - date and title (ASCII text, 4.81Kb)


Article: The Trip That Took 18 Years to Achieve - 6 weeks trip around India (htm, 82.5Kb)

Article: Eulogy to my mother Ingeborg Grete Luise McMullon nee Bühren (htm, 7Kb)


Left-handers - extracts from published articles (htm, 27.9Kb + 35.3Kb graphics)

Report: The Site Relocation of Pachyderms - advise when moving sites or offices (htm, 5.65Kb)

Nationhood to Planethood


Metric and Imperial Units and converting between them

Selling on eBay - How to Avoid Fee Erosion

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