i Collect

"Hi everybody. My name is Gerald and I Collect."

Most of us have a tendency to collect, whether it is music as MP3 downloads, on CDs or even vintage vinyl. Some collecting is just by cluttering, in keeping or hanging onto things that where a good idea at the time or past interests from stamp collecting, bubble gum cards, badges, coins to vintage cars.

Among these pages I will be looking into my own former collections and household clutter and see what was cool and which may even hold its interest and have merit beyond its time. With access to auction sites and classified ads from around the world some interesting equipment, paraphernalia, bric-a-brac and objet d'art are easily obtainable, and if not too heavy cheap enough to have posted internationally, making collecting as easy as online shopping for new products.

Some pages are stubs, place holders until I manage to add content.

My former collections include

Flog-it - Cambridge 2006

Last Updated on 5th September 2022