India 2018 The Flight Out and first day back in India

At 10am on Tuesday I started to ring around for a taxi. Some I rang were not in business for over 10 years and still on Others too busy to come out from near by villages and towns. I was starting to panic a little. Still time as the flight is 21:30.

I went to Veronica, next doors, I emptied my fridge and had a few frozen packets of vegetables left. I thought that she might have an idea about getting a taxi. Darryl offered to take me to the railway station.

In good time to get the pre-booked ticket. 34.10 one way on train and tube.

The King-s Cross train was delayed! A very full Stanstead Shuttle train arrived, stopping at Cambridge. Cambridge has trains to Liverpool Street and King's cross so I got on. Arrival at Cambridge and the next King's Cross train was waiting on the next platform.

There was an Indian couple with their 2 year old daughter. I wondered if they were going to the airport so struck up a conversation. They work in Dubai and on a trip to the UK. Spent most of the journey being tutored on sights to visit in Kerala. In turn I went through places to visit in London.

King's Cross. A chill 14 degrees. I have a coat but packed it in my back pack. With collared shirt and sweat shirt I was too hot. Even the short distances carrying my 21kg bags was hard effort. Better in one bag, but a chunk of it I hope to post to Ravi before needing to carry it around city to city.


On the tube my slogan sweat shirt prompted a conversation with a shopper. There were several Germany with carry on size duffels and wheelie cases. Three 40 litre bags. Perhaps they were buying up gifts now the pound is weak against the Euro. But 120 litres is a lot to cart around.

At flight book in I needed a print out of the confirmation of my e-Visa. I forgot to do that. Fortunately my Monday last minute transfer of files including all my e-mails to the Dell tablet. I was able to show this and again at the gate to board the plane,

Terminal Two, The Queen's Terminal. A bite to eat and a coke. Gate number posted at 20:20.

I don't like the security system. Not being able to carry my tiny pocket knife, having to strip off belts and all metal objects and pull out the pack of liquids (soaps etc) and have tablet, phone separated out. This time no issue about my coils of wire for locking stuff up - they went cargo as did my meds and soaps.

I thought I had too much stuff with 13.1 and 8kg bags. The lady before me had two bags both just over the 23kg and a 7kg carry-on. The flight was delayed a few minutes due to the late arrival of a connecting flight. I texted Yasmin from my window seat. She phoned me back.

I put compression socks on. But it was getting painful during the flight. My legs puffed out. Some how I got bruising on the ankle which adds to the discomfort of walking.

Watched two movies - the Punjabi film "Super Singh" and "Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom".

I did nod off, but think these were small periods.

Arrival Delhi

11:08 local time. A little time to get my e-Visa stamped and then to find my luggage. At Heathrow I checked the GPS tracker to get the location and it placed my duffle 4.5 miles from me.

The conveyer belts only seemed to have one working. The others were all out of site and some walking distance. My bag was not on the flight from London. a fellow passenger suggested checking another, with the flight from Holland. That is were I found it. No damage as I feared for a light unpadded bag overstuffed with contents.

I had planned to check out Hotels etc from my pdf of "The Lonely Plane Guide to India". I couldn't concentrate and the 14th edition I have is mis-ordered and the search never gets me what I want. The 2010 edition works better, but both are really out of date. A great deal has changed in just the past couple of years.

I exchanged 120 for 9959 rupees. 89rupees to 1.

My phone picked up a new service. Phone calls to me and from me 1.75 per minute. 25p per text and 50p for 1Mb of data however no data available.

I left the customs at 12:20 and got a taxi at 13:10. Never get what you want. Taxi guy took 1500 rupees from me and the driver wanted a tip of 10. 50 ruppes for the hanger on who took me to the Information office. It is not much and they all need to make a living, just so many latching on.

Perhaps that Hotel isn't there but then got bamboozled around and eventually ended up at Himalayan Hostel and B&B, 1663-64 Ground Floor, Ajmere Gate Road, Pahargani, New Delhi, Delhi 110055 tel: 099996 94437.  The "manager" is Raj Sabir, warmly friendly and wanting to make for a helpful family hostel. His father arrived today for a visit - from the Himalayas. This Hotel is still under going refurbishment. No front to street entry, it is down a short alley visible from the main road. Really more for back packers with shared bathroom. But breakfast and meals included and good wi-fi signal on each of 4 floors. We need our Wi-fi these days! 

After a shower, some repacking. Taken my medication to get that swelling down and then I had a long sleep until 11pm local time. Missed dinner but not a problem. And still not got a plan for my few days here.

Sameer at the Information Office set this up. Told me of lots of places to visit and places previously suggested by others.

Last updated 5th December 2018