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- the remains of clearing out two former homes curtains, bed covers, kitchen, china, books, CDs, DVDs, books, men's clothes, shoes, bags, wallets, garden equipment, computer bits. Thousands of items.

Destination - India 2018 or 29 years to return to complete my journey of 1989

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A walk around Duxford, Cambridge with a camera phone

Imperial War Museum Flying Legends stills from camcorder 12th July 2008

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Reports and articles including further details on:
digital video,
internet definitions (Web dictionary - long)
sightseeing (WWW sites of interest - long),
Travel log - trip to India 1989,
telecom call charges comparison,
buying a computer component spreadsheet,
Rates comparison for contractors and employment and IR35 April 2000
Metric and Imperial Units and converting between them - lesson plan, exercise, conversion table, "The Story of Weights and Measures"
Nationhood to Planethood - a fictional future story
eBay costs and charges - how to avoid fee erosion

GCSE A Level Maths Notes and worked examples - contact me for link to my notes.


Job search is a full time job


Computer documentation standards

Importing a Music collection into a Computer Juke Box


iCollect - items of interest from a history of collecting


Variations in Subminiature cameras Minox, Minolta 16, Rollei 16 collection, manuals, tips and book reviews

  Mitsy - house bunny and garden run

Sustainable Energy: http://www.withouthotair.com/ read online, buy the buy, look at the figures, change them as you think, argue with them, agree with them and come to a conclusion on your own. David MacKay FRS is a Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge, published in 2008.


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