India 2018 Day 5, 9th December

I am breathing easier and at the same time worse. My cough is a summer cough, not  a cold fen morning December one. But the heavy air outside in the streets gives me a swore throat and I have a cold picked up on the London underground as I was never without a cold when commuting in London.

Left ankle bruise still hurts. Seems somewhat better, but I have not distressed it by excursions today.

Been trying to get the GPS tracker to work locally. I don't know if it gets my messages and if it does then if does not reply as the bill is the same as Tuesday. If my Airtel SIM is not sending to a UK number that could be the problem. Perhaps I should try my 1pMobile SIM in the mobile phone and get it to work. Then take the SIM from the GPS tracker and repeat in my phone. It o er night my legs have lost the swelling, but is amazing what all our tech can achieve and to think or the people in the UK don't know how much they used the European Satellite that we get kicked off in March, regardless or the funds spent from the UK so far and still to spend going forward.

So that is what I did. The 1pMobile SIM from the GPS Tracker in my mobile phone picked up all the sms text as if the tracker was switched off. But still does not work back in the tracker.


Overnight the swelling of my legs reduced. The day's good rest has helped. The tablets however do mean I have to pass water several times an hour, which cuts out anything other than a quick excursion in the street.

 Last updated 9th December 2018