India 2018 Day 22, 26th December

Morning of 26th I don't feel up to eating or even moving. I may soon have to seriously consider returning home and another journey left unfinished.

I got up at 07:05 and had breakfast. No messages as to when and were of today's wedding.

Somewhere around 10:00 I fell asleep. I got woken by reception. A cab waiting for me, I rushed to pack up stuff, bungled a white collared shirt in the Bobby Bizz and took my new jacket out of the cover. I later saw that Yogesh had tried to call but I had not heard the phone. The ring tone had the volume set to zero. Can't explain that - I know I increased it to maximum in Delhi. So I arrive at 12:44, after the ceremony had finished. Only travelled 4527 miles for a wedding I then miss only a couple of kilometres from the hotel!

I think every day I have been in India something has not gone right.

Beginning to feel better. I no longer cough all the time. Still painful when I have to. Don't have to keep clearing my nose either. Still feel weak. I have not eaten. Don't feel up to it.

 Last updated 26th December 2018