India 2018 Day 21, 25th December

A trough couple of days. After the nice day out trip I began to feel much worse. The coughing increased in strength and duration. My flu symptoms worsened. I got to the bathroom basin in time to empty my stomach.

So Christmas Day was recovery. Hard to say when it got any better. I ventured out to do some grocery shopping. Almost my idea supermarket. A trillion. Variety of spices. Every fresh vegetable that I eat and fruits of the highest quality. But alongside the most sugar loaded foods I ever noticed. 25% added sugar!

Other than the period I was in hospital the last time I had these symptoms was in Beijing in 1991. But now I have the cough and phlegm to deal with.

Breathing is painful and I am short of breath doing nothing.
At the ceremony ,when the families exchanged gifts, I was a great deal better by comparison.

The younger ones then put on a show.

 Last updated 26th December 2018