India 2018 Day 18, 22nd December

I had breakfast and then tucked up my bags and went down to the foray by 10:00. Raj would let me have the room until departure, but there was not much point. The room and the foray have the same temperature -cool.

I could have gone somewhere but it is already taking the toll on me. Late meal yesterday in the cold air has helped my coughing a lot. I am now coughing hard and long.

Raj got me a taxi to the airport and he arrived ealy and got there faster than expected. I found check in but wont be doing that until midnight 30.

At Delhi Airport I used the only carry on size bag frame with a scale. Both my bags are over weight. The medication I got includes a litre of liquids. But I had posted on a few kilograms and that should have given me 5kg spare. My carry on is 1kg over @ 9kg. My clothes bag is 17kg. So I took the jacket out. I tried to weigh that but the scales start with a 0. I guess it claims under 11kg or isn't working anyway!

So I found some other scales. Only 11kg for cargo. So I put the jacket away again. Put the tripod in. Stuffed the mobile phone in one pocket and the heavy power bank in the other. 12.2 & 7.9 kg. But they didn't weigh the carry on.

Now waiting at the gate for a further hour. It is warm in the Terminal. A lot warmer than the hotel.

I go through to hand in my luggage. Get through security. Get my boarding pass stamp and wait for boarding. On the gate check there is a problem,. Duplicate seat. Some else has already boarded with the same seat number. With out telling me this I am asked for my passport. Told to wait for 10 minutes. Then marched all the way back to security with my 8kg back ona little shopping trolly! More waiting. A new boarding pass. More waiting to get it stamped and then on the trot back to the boarding gate. This triggered my coughing for the next 40 minutes at least.

Flight was faster than advertised. Arrived at 5am. Baggage came through. Auto rickshaw driver says what ever I want to give so I started at 200 rupees for the claimed 16 km. Eventually settled on 600. Hotel open, but no one to book me in until 9:00. Another 3 hour wait. To be at Ravi's at 10:00.

 Last updated 23rd December 2018