India 2018 Day 7, 11th December

As I can't contact Vanquis until 8am, UK time, so I went to the Zoo. Time to test out the 200mm power zoom.

This is a large in size zoo taking me four hours to walk around (guide suggests 2 hours) but small in number of species and animals. Many animals are alone, including herd animals like the elephant. There may be more hidden but a single male Asiatic lion is not going to save the species fron extinction. Cages are appropriate for species and they seem to follow modern thinking on keeping their charges.


I have 87 photographs taken. Some to discard as I go through them.

I tried to phone the bank but it burned through 13 in credit in minutes. I but 30 top up (three years of UK phone calls on it and told that would be usable in an hour).

I returned to the main bazaar and got a top up of 1000 rupees and paid 1500 rupees to get a lower call rate. It does seem that calls to the UK are 13 rupees for a few minutes. So perhaps 2-3 per minutes. But factor in the excess 50 rupees for this call rate.

So now able to ring the bank again it seems the cancelled transaction may not show up for a week or a month. They will attempt to get the money back from the merchant. "Good luck with that.". So a third of my budget used and no service and if not refunded by 1st January I will be short of money to go into January. I may find myself back in Delhi in January to get my 960 back.

So regardless, next stop Amritsar.


 Last updated 11th December 2018