India 2018 Day 6, 10th December

My ankle continues to be painful. The leg swelling has gone down.

I waited all day to see the tourist travel bill appear on my account. This was just before midnight UK time. There is a transaction fee of 28, but no refunded.

Early afternoon Raj went to buy shoes and go to the UK Visa office for his documents to go to the UK. I went along. In contrast to the bazzar these shops are more western and the area quite. However Raj set a fast pace for walking and the pain in my ankle flared up again.

To add to my trouble I have a fully blocked up nose.

I had meant to take spare batteries for the keyboard, CR2025, but forgot and am having difficult getting them. I am finding the restrictions on the 8" Dell infuriating. This is also down to the application writers. The [op up keyboard covers what you type. Close proximities means the wrong key gets activated. No page up and down makes scrolling through a pdf book hard. I have 200% scaling on fronts. Great for reading but applications do not scale the space they allow for larger fonts. Cuteftp is one. It is used to upload to my website. Alternative menu button on the stylus does not always work.

I use Outlook 2007 for notes. The notes have a tiny window frame. Making moving and closing hard. Notes have no mouse scroll and no sliding bar to move up and down. It uses page up and page down. Highlighting text is too easy and then it moves position on the next contact. Without undo or cancel updates the new messed up text is saved upon closure. I suck with Office 2007 as I am used to it. I put Office 2016 on the laptop and will upgrade my desktop and Dell when I am back home.

Resizing using the stylus is hard and some fixed sized windows don't show all the controls and I have to go to standard sized fonts and rerun the application.

The lack of USB ports means I can't run the external drive and charge at the same time. The adapter I got from  Amazon just before leaving has a power direct input, but the tablet hardware doesn't operate the protcol.

I use TeamViewer to login to my desktop at home. This works beautifully and of course scales my full 1920x1200 desktop to the 8" screen. I have edited off air TV video recordings, watched live TV and archived files. So I am not missing any programmes over Christmas.

This is not about expecting a third world India. India has everything, including all the high tech. It is about travelling and having instant access to news - too much perhaps. Being able to get different services remotely and internationally, be it at the downside of some hassle. Being able to remotely access my computer in a room thousands of miles away. Set the video recorder. Upload and down load content and even switch on the webcam in my lounge.

Then Microsoft force an update and reboots and I have no more access. My desktop will not reboot on its own. It cycles an infinitely failure to reboot. I have to force shut several times to get it to self repair. I can't do that remotely.

Contrast this to 29 years ago when I transferred a CD to cassette tape, took my Sony Pro Walkman and Sony short wave radio to pick up the news.  Now I get news of road blockages in Chatteris along side Delhi traffic. Daytime temperatures in both places and all the news feeds I don't want. 

 Last updated 10th December 2018