India 2018 Day 3, 7th December

I set out to try and find the shop I got the SIM from yesterday.

I got spotted by the driver, Ravi, who helped me get to the hotel. Spotting me is easy any way as I have my "February 1953 65 Years of being awesome" tee-shirt on.  He did drive me up and down the streets I trod early evening yesterday and I could still not spot the shop. I had activated the SIM but messaging was not working. He took me to another shop and the man there did a few checks, messaged Airtel for information and sent and received texts from his phone. My number I attempted might be wrong and it may not work internationally.

Next onto the Red Ford. The site charges foreign nationals 600 rupees and locals 60 rupees. This is what I saw in China in 1991. At the Red Ford they give a discount for credit cards. My credit card charges a fee for each foreign transaction.



Spot he chipmunk? 

The pollution of the city is taking a toll on the stones. They are working on cabling for lights and making new path ways and rebuilding the ancient walls. There are a feral dogs every where, including inside the grounds. Chipmunks and parakeet are plentiful. 

Onto a few more places. I can barely walk as the pain clauses me to unbalance and high steps everywhere are difficult to climb as the bruise on my ankle is but under pressure. It will heal; given time.

Too tired to wander hours in side a quick tour a photograph and next.

On the way back to the hotel we got to a tourist information office. The driver suggested I see about trains. I was told the trains are fully booked but there are reserved seats. Odd, but I didn't question it. He persuaded me to see an itinerary of his suggestion and linked up transport and accommodation for several place. It seemed good and about what I expected. 960 with a flight to Shimla to start it off. Raj Shabir at the hotel believes I will not get the promised service and will be stranded to make my own way and pay again. He also tried to find the company for reviews. Recently a different tour operator was from that address. The credit card slip also used a different name to the headed paper of the bill. Raj convinced me to cancel the transaction and used a sim in his phone to make the call to the UK. A few minutes later and Vanquis will cancel it as fraud. The tour operator of course is not happy and claims to have already bought the tickets. I am to go in and sign a cancellation.  Raj also considers the plan too much of a strain and would diminish the enjoyment. When my legs recover it will be different. Of course I may not recover - in that one extra issue heals to get another one.

The driver dropped me off back at the hotel and I worked out what to pay him for the few hours he drove me around (1500 rupees). Too much, most likely but he did save me a lot of walking and for that I am grateful.  I was still determine to find the shop I got the SIM from. In daylight this was easy now. He claims he was only going to activate it for me, not add a top up. But showed me the automatic top up included. For the three months of the card the SMS and calls in India are included. 60Mb of data as well. For quick Facebook messages and Google maps when having no wi-fi this might be enough.

Below,the shop I got the over expensive SIM from.

Bank that pays out on exchange as shown on the board.

During the evening meal I talked with a number of travellers. Noy, from Israel, people from Spain, Denmark and France. Everyone has stories to tell and share tips. 

 Last updated 8th December 2018