India 2018 Day 23, 27th December

With no plans to stay with Ravi, and him tired up with another three weddings before New Year time to get going to Kerala.

Ravi responded on Whatsapp that we could meet up. So at around 10 am I asked reception for another day in the hotel and got a rickshaw to Ravi's house.

So I was able briefly to chat with Ravi, Lata and Devavrat. Lata told me some of her stories and recounted some I had heard before. I told Devavrat he has the most amazing grandmother and that he needs to record her stories as I left it too late with my father and he muddled his stories up.

 I returned to the hotel and attempted to read the guide book to plan something. I had text Raj Shabir at 9am (Indian time) on but got no response from him about his places in Kerala to book into.

I got my laundry back plus two extra pairs of sockets. One pair of pants that I had thought had boiled out colour turn out to be someone else's pants and they got mine!

 Last updated 27th December 2018