India 2018 Day 19, 23rd December

At 09:45 I booked in. No one bother to say anything! Quick wash in cold water and a dash to the Joshi Museum of Miniature Railways, his house and factory.

My coughing as significantly gotten worse. I also have a runny nose and so I guess another flu. Following last nights run to security and back to the boarding gate I now have difficulty breathing even on a couple of flights of stairs. I had thought I improved, but so easy to have a set back.

It was after 10:00 that I got to The Joshi Museum of Miniature Railways.

Devavrat, Ravi's opened the door but I did not recognise him until my eyes got accustomed to the dark.

Pranjal was with Mum and Dad in a ceremony.

Later I had a chance to talk with Ravi's Uncle, who a long time ago stayed with me briefly in Cambridge, then Lata and Ravi.

Devavat drove me back to the hotel as my coughing was getting even worse and perhaps the rest might settle it down.

 Last updated 26th December 2018