India 2018 Day 17, 21st December

I hate banks. I tried to book another flight. My credit card needs security so Visa sends a code to a mobile phone number I no longer have. The credit card company have failed in their system to update my details to Visa and I can't get them to rectify the problem. On top of the time spent on the phone to them over the cancelled tour that I can not get a refund for and having to now wait until 31st for perhaps some update.

So I tried Nationwide. Card blocked. So I ring them. Unblocked the card. So many security questions. So slow. That is 10 minutes gone! I try again. Blocked by Visa because I have not used it to buy stuff for over 6 months. Back on the phone, all the security questions again. Finally this worked and no security prompt. So I finally have my ticket for Pune. A 3 am flight. I am not looking forward to that. Having dinner very late at 21:00 I was coughing for some time afterwards because of the cold.

My 900 rupees credit dropped to 790. Over an hour on the phones. Plus the switching of SIMs between Airtel and 1p Mobile as the online booking sent confirmation to an Indian number and my bank to my UK number.

Got some Kasmir tea (600 rupees for 100g). Green tea with spices. very nice. I might finish it before leaving India.

 Last updated 22nd December 2018