India 2018 Day 16, 20th December

 I found a discount on top of a cheaper flight to Aurangabad for 11500 rupees. So I attempt to book online. Vanquis security sends me a text message to a phone number I no longer have. So I ring them. Okay has to go through to another department. It will take 30 minutes. Flight is in 2 hours. At that moment the power in my tablet finished and it shut down. So I plug in the battery bank and it is still up, but not the links back to complete.

So I go through Nationwide. At least the text was sent to my normal mobile phone. Would the message stay active for the 10 minutes to remove my phone from its locked in case and swap the SIM over?

I cancel. I think after three hints the universe might be telling me something. Vishaka would like to go to the caves and Manjit says go from Pune and save money in January.

I did put my UK SIM in. I have a message from Vanquis, not the code needed but about yesterday's statement being ready. Nationwide at least got the number.

At least I now know that booking online will be a right royal pain in the butt. If I have wi-fi I can swap the SIM in preparation. I can use my Indian Airtel SIM to then hotspot to my tablet but there is no data on the UK SIM from India. Vanquis does not allow a +91 or non-local mobile number to be entered so I can not temporarily phone in and temporary change it to my current number.

The tech works, but only with short sighted limits and when phoning the bank the 3 minutes on hold is at 1.75 per minute. Cheaper on the Airtel, but it cut me off in the middle of talking to the bank because I used up my daily allowance - my credit is over 900 rupees!

I went for a walk up and downthe Main Bazzar. Looking for shops selling un-mounted jade. Eventually I went into Art of Stome (T-370, 6 Tooti, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi-110 055) The man at the desk showed me the jewellery he had made, picking the best stones to mount. compared to all the other shops I tried first this was a cut above.

Jade is expensive but I was intiqued by this stone. 37,along with another for 4250 rupees.

I then had to go nearly all the way back up the street to citi Bank to exchange the last of mysterling (that is just under 500, as I spent a little in Cambridgeshire and at the airport).  89 rupees to 1.

I also replaced the chain that I bought in India and stupidly left hanging in the wardrobe. Only 60 rupees.

 Last updated 21st December 2018