India 2018 Day 15, 19th December

Showered and had breakfast. Taken the medication - some bitter and others hot and bitter. Before and after meal.

Got Delhi belly from the train food. It will take a day or so to settle down now,

Today's plan was to sort out my refund. I messaged the and waited for the bank to open at 8am GMT, 13:30 in India. The fraud department don't open until 9am. I had to ring back later. They were too busy to take the transferred call but she spoke to them and forwarded my call details. They have until Friday to respond to me. It is 12 days and they should have noted some progress or lack of it, I was advised to forward by email the SMS message but screen shoot to the fraud department.

I tried to get the SMS messages transferred to the tablet. Sony PC Suite which I used to put the contacts on from Outlook demands tobe upgraded but then can't find the upgrade and closes. Sony no longer provide the Outlook interface and don't have a means of viewing messages on a PC in their Xperia Companion.

I tried several. Some wanted an annual fee to work fully. One produced a screen frame that was so small on the 1920x1200 8" screen that even a microscope would not enable me to use it. Yes I have a pocket microscope with me. I eventually got an application called AirDroid that does the job, although the cut and paste has to be done screen by screen, not all the messages at once. The paste into Word produces a 4.5 point font!  

So I was eventually able to forward these to Vanquis Bank.

The man at the Tourist Office verbally offered the partial refund in rupees less some 34000 rupees for the flight he claimed he booked. The form printed include the words “full refund available”. He did not give me a copy of the page. The transaction was from Roschi Forex and Tours, different to the letter headed paper detailing the services of Delhi Travel Spot. The address (Dargah Masjid, Outer Circle Opp. SBI Bank, G-Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001) was recently used by a different tour company. The hotel manager strongly believed that I would get no service once I left Delhi, so I contacted Vanquis to cancel the still pending transaction.  Also the tour would have been too much in my current heath and I was pushed into the deal. He had time to re-credit my account, cancel anything he had arranged.


I was told by the man in the office that I would not get my money back! Perhaps because unknown to me he made it a cash advance. He has now removed his offer of two thirds in cash.

The amount is a third of my budget. The plan is to clear my Vanquis account shortly after my birthday in February when I get an amount from a pension plan. It also means that whilst in India I can not access more than the arrangements already in place as correspondence goes to my home.

I downloaded the sms to my tablet and placed in a word document as the screen shot would be large to send. The phone now only shows day, not time, but the download converts to GMT. Document is attached.

To mobile phone +91 8076804151 7th December 2018

I have to cancel the arrangements. With you, I would like you to reverse the credit card charge without fees. Mr Gerald  

Dec 7th 12:10 +5:30 hours Indian time

By what time will you be in office, 

Dec 7th 12:16

I am in office waiting for you  

Dec 7th 12:44 

I can see you tommorw, and please cancel card, Gerald McMullon 

Dec 7th 12:53

Sir I have already issued your tickets .  

Dec 7th 12:55  

I just need them cancel and I'm not going pay any cancellation.  

Ok sir  

Dec 7th 12:57

Can you voide the trancation and email me the voide slip please, You are good guy but I can't go on trip 

Dec 7th 13:12

{This slip is time stamped about 30minutes before my first text message to him to cancel.}

Sir we have already closed the batch of your transaction and it is impossible to void this transaction. For your reference I am sending you email and you can see yourself time of batch close. That is why request to come to office sign the cancellation form.  


Dec 7th 13:15

OK I see you tomorrow and sign the cancellation form. Thank you and I hope you understand my point of view as well. Good night  

Dec 7th 13:21

No problem . I have made word of commitment and I stand firm on that. I do understand why you want to cancel. I know you got confused by hostel people. I told you before this before. You can take your time and let me know today late night if you want to continue with the trip.  

Also check your email I have send copy of batch close .  

Dec 7th 13:45

Thank-you. I have to cancel the trip. I need more time to recover and rethink what I can really manage after recovery.  

Dec 8th 02:22

Good morning. What time should I send car to pick you up.  

Dec 8th 02:24  

Good morning. I have transport after breakfast. Yesterday that meant after 9am. Should see you shortly afterwards.  

Dec 8th 02:26

Ok sir. I am in the office . Looking forward to see you.  

So you will come to office by your self  

Dec 8th 03:21

I have a driver sorted, no worries  


19th December 2018

Hello, I have still not sorted out with my bank the transaction I cancelled with you. I would like my money back now. I can inform my bank I have a refund in cash immediately and that will be the end of the matter. Gerald McMullon 


Text of 19th December 2018

Good Morning. As per your conversation with us in office you please approach to your bank only as cash refund is not possible now. It is credit card transaction and the matter will be resolved from your bank only. We are not in the position of taking risk now.  

11:48 Indian time 

You could have credited my credit card immediately as requested. This would show the bank a refund and finished. I am not happy with this. You only offered a partial refund and in cash only.


From 13:30 I can talk to the credit card company on speaker phone so you can here me stop further action no risk to you. I told you at the time if the bank sorted it then it is wrong for me to have taken cash from you. You also said I could not get my money back from the bank. Why? Because you make a cash transfer? 


Sir as per our bank rules and regulations we are bound to follow them. As per your conversation you informed me that your bank is taking care of your transaction so you should speak to your bank for this and ask them the reason why it takes time. From our end we cannot do any thing now.  


We already have bad experience in giving cash refund and then clients make charge back to same card again and we end up by paying twice. So I request you to ask your bank only.  


That is why I asked for credit card refund. It is YOU who insisted on cash.  


PS. 3rd January 2019 my credit card company issued a "Dispute release - Customer" for 960.59. but not the 28.82 for "cash advance fee". There was no cash to me, no tickets and only a list of city names for 7th until 22nd December travel as everything was to be picked up next morning. It is a shame they could not have given me some information prior to this showing up on my account always telling me another 3 days, another 5 days, after the Christmas holiday. Working on 27th but in fact not the fraud department until January.

4th January my credit card company refunded every non sterling transaction fee, refunded the cash advance fee and debited and re-credited a "principle debit adjustment fee".

 Last updated 3rd January 2019