India 2018 Day 14, 18th December

The yesterday's manager who was so helpful to help me book the railway ticket was no back until after I checked out. So I owe him some change!

It seems he did arrange to have some money to change high value notes for me for the auto rickshaw drivers.

I arrived at the Chandigarh Ayurved Centre in Sector 22B for 09:10. There were some members of staff waiting and eventually a young lady approached me and said the doors would be open in 10 to 15 minutes. That was true, but I was taken to the massage room at nearly 10:00. Stripped down to my pants - should have taken them off as well as the oils used stained them badly and then my white shirt. Lying down on my stomach I couldn't see what they were doing except when hot stones and hot poultices were being applied and they told me first. Some of the rubbing and pressure applied to my left leg was painful, but not so bad to the right. They also covered the swelling and red patch on my left leg with a paste that stung and burnt. After about an hour I had a steam tub bath.

I then had to hang around for more than 30 minutes to get the huge bag of medicine 15 weeks supply, take before and after meals, Cost of medicine 7500 rupees and 1250 for the massage.

Now a rush to get back to the hotel before check out at noon. I was largely packed but the bag of medication required a new plan. My daily carry back with the tech stuff into my duffle and the Tortuga Out breaker Divide as my backpack. I paid up - I think they charged me for the bottle of Pepsi I brought with me. I should have dumped it in a bin outside.

I then took a rickshaw to the shop I paid for a jacket to be made, I have some concerns for the tightness in the arms but there is plenty of material there. Body is a good fit. Not however room for a jumper underneath. This was now 14:30. He had it ready for me earlier than he quoted. I got some tissues from a chemist. Then I saw outside on a low wall. Spoke to two young men for a while. They invited me to lunch but I avoid three meals a day.

I then headed to the station. Seemed like a long time to wait but was already 16:30 when I arrived and getting cool. I would have liked to visit the museum (closed Mondays) but that would have made me rush and panic. Stayed in the waiting room until 17:55 and then went to look for the platform for the Delhi train.

Crowded and every time I got ready to put my bag up someone pinched the place. I then said "No" and he let me have it. With two bags I needed at least one place over head. He turned out to be in the next seat to me, Navender Singh, a business analyst who travels all over Indian to work with clients, particularly the software used in universities. On this train they kept bringing snacks and food. Four lots in the 3:30 hour trip. Snacks and a juice. A vegetarian meal with rice, roti and dhals. Yogurt. Tomato soup. Then ice cream.

At Delhi station I had the taxi drivers wanting 350 rupees for the 800 metres up the Main Bazzar. He eventually knocked it down to 200. It was nice to arrive at the Himalayan Hostel and be greeted by smiling faces. It felt like going "home". I showed off the bag of medication and took out the jacket to model.

Raj had my old room ready and helping hands took my luggage there. I laid out stuff and got ready for bed. I found that my underpants have oil stains on and might not recover. The shirt is also stained from the oils left on my body. The legs are better/ All the pain has not gone but there is an improvement and that was my hope.



 Last updated 19th December 2018