India 2018 Day 13, 17th December

Monday, so all the museums and galleries are closed. I went to the Rose Gardens, walked around in the well laid out grounds and wrote a few post cards.

I found a post office on Google maps. The elderly gentleman (he had a full beard of white hair) at the desk blessed the cards of the Golden Temple. It was touching and respectful.

I walked by a shop that intrigued me enough to go in. So I am having a felt Kasmir jacket made. Not exactly as the one I was lucky enough to wear one day to People's college back in 71 or 72, but plain and simple. Prices not far off UK for a blazer off the shelf, just a little more - 83. It will fit at least for the next couple of months. There after it might join the others as too small or perhaps too big if I do get my weight down.

The shops here look very UK/EU with large glass fronts bright well lit and marble floors. Everything in English and products I would expect to see in Oxford Street and central London, but not in Cambridge. This city has wealth. Mercedes cars are not unusual.

I went to the railway station but the queues are so long and so slow I decided to try to book online and I had that 17:30 appointment to keep.

The drivers have no clue where this place is but both have carried on until we go there, I tried the map from the address but it placed it  in the middle of India!

At the Chandigarh Ayurved Centre I hung around for over an hour to see the doctor. I have to return tomorrow morning for treatment and collect two months supply of medication. I can then get more posted to me. as I have got no treatment in the UK I feel that the alternatives are worth a go.

The Hotel Icon desk manager helped me book a ticket to New Delhi, paying with his own credit card and I gave him cash. He did this also whilst dealing with a member of staff you was involved in an accident and needed alternative transport, No one harmed but stuck on the way in.

 Last updated 17th December 2018