India 2018 Day 12, 16th December

Breakfast at 9. Took a while on the hotel's wi-fi to upload all the images and video to my web site. although I have not included all the images on the pages this is one extra level to protect the material I have so far.

My first port of call is to the Nek Chand Rock Gardens. It is the first on the list of places in the Lonely Planet Guide.

It is one mans vision of up cycling waste materials into art and transforming wasteland into to something up lifting fitting into the landscape already there and preserving the trees.

Narrow and wide high walled path ways lead from one area of sculptures to another.

Waterfalls and running streams and an amphitheatre with a huge screen with a rolling video of his story.

Several people wanted to take photographs with me in it. Some asked me to take their photograph with the gardens in the back ground. That is how I met Taiq Ali and his family.

And in return he took some of me and e-mailed them to me.

I find, as last time in India, the images are over exposed. The sun always seems to be in front of the lens. I had to process them with Paint Shop Pro first. improved but far from what I would hope. The mobile phone seems to do a better job of this.

From here I attempted to go to the Chandigarh Ayurved Centre but the driver took me to the Le Corbusier Centre. The Swiss architect was commissioned to rebuild the city in 1950. The roads are straight, crossed with roads at right angles. There is an art studio next to it with a few students working.

I started to make my way on foot to the Sector 22C and a rickshaw driver stopped. He already had passengers, dropping them off at different places on route. He has some difficulty finding the right street but got there with some help. I am to go back tomorrow evening at 17:30. Massage might improve the pain that still persists in my left leg. The driver waited and so I asked him to take me to the Dolls museum. No one at the desk so I walked in.

A most stunning lady suggested I leave my bag at the desk but then allowed me in. The museum shows the regions of India and some countries from around the world with detailed descriptions in English only and a model, a doll, dressed in the traditional costume.  I didn't take photographs as there was no one to pay!

I walked the 3.5km back to the hotel. Most places don't open until 10:00 and close at 16:30. By 18:00 it is dark and cold,

 Last updated 17th December 2018