India 2018 Day 11, 15th December

Checked out of the hotel. 999 rupees per night hands over 3000 rupees. When directly to the railway station. My legs are not up to walking around with 16 kg of luggage. Train is at 17:30 to Chandigarh. Just as well as the queue took forever to move. A four hour trip for 300rupees.

I hung around the station and updated the last couple of days at Amritsar. I briefly went out and got 120 exchanged to 10200 rupees.

Talked briefly to several people, including a retired professor of medicine who went to a conference in Lahore. A peddler of chains told me he started out as a shoe shine boy, no education but fluent in 5 languages. Calls himself Sunny Sunny. Lives in a shanty town, supporting his mother, sister, wife and baby.

Just on the train I realise I had left my chain and lock in the hotel room hanging over the clothes rail. I even looked in to check and failed to see it.

On the train I watched the film "Half Girlfriend" (2017) .

I messaged Raj Shabir asking for a hotel in Chandigarh for three nights. In minutes he said the Emerald Hotel at 2500 rupees per night. A near centre location. I mistakenly thought he booked it. So when I arrived they were full. The man on the desk rang around and got me another room at the Hotel Icon but at 4250 rupees per night. I paid for two nights in advance.

 Last updated 17th December 2018