India 2018 Day 10, 14th December

The Grand Star Hotel has wi-fi but no internet connection. I have been using up my mobile data and phone as a hotspot.

I keep thinking my flu is going away when it comes back. Cough is very much worse. Could be because it is so much colder than Delhi.

Ankle pain has gone to be replaced by a pain in the back of my left leg. The muscle is tight and climbing steps painful.

After today's outing I have diarrhoea.

The second visit to the Golden Temple.

Taking a selfie with the better rear facing camera is a little hit and miss. Although you can see your self with the web camera in this strong light you can't see the phone.


Using the 24-200mm zoom I can get in close up.

At all Gurdwara meals are made for the pilgrims. This is free, although they take donations. I queued and went inside. Ushered into neat rows the food delivered to your plate. Simple dhal and yogurt with roti.  

Upon leaving I saw the room where they made the roti. A kind lady took the trays from another person and myself. I took photographs and joined in. The doe, in a block of over 20 kg is broken off into small balls. The man next to me was doing several to my one. This is white atta and perfect for rolling. At home I use brown atta and make thicker and larger roti.

They all seemed to stop as each helper left. I then went on to the temple through a golden clad arch. 

No photography is permitted inside. The queue took about an hour. Inside three musicians played and sang. Two men cleared away the money donated and one sat reading from the Guru Granth Sahib.

I sat at the side of the lake but shortly after was moved because they were washing down the marble path. 

A short walk away is the Jallianwala Bagh, memorial in the shape of an eternal flame to those massacred on 13th April 1919. 

To finish off the day a meal at the Bharawan Da Dhaba.

 Last updated 14th December 2018