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Need a new wallet?

My wallet is too fat to slip into a front trouser pocket or shirt pocket – even when empty.  The traditional wallets either work well for credit cards or coins but become bulky when accommodating both.

They do however hold a lot and can “always” expand to accommodate another card, more coins, a usb stick or SD card, postage stamps, screws and tool cards. - offers?

Below is my card wallet. Each slot can hold two cards and shown here with a Swisscard, a credit card tool and a credit card magnifier, driver's license and even one and two pound coins. Leather, zip and soon gets fat when stuffed with coins.

The two zipper version keeps cash and cards separated with the card compartment RDID protected. £19.99 on Amazon.

The Mala Leather ORIGIN Collection Leather Concertina Credit Card Holder and Coin Purse With RFID Protection is thinner than many other two zipper purses. At 2.5cm makes it less comfortable to slip in a front pocket. The single zipper version is 2cm thick.

The card holder design usually take folded bank notes - that refold themselves when you pay!

Most of the loyalty cards are not needed and perhaps can be left in the car's glove compartment unless you go into that particular shop.  Remembering to grab a re-usable bag from the back seat proves difficult enough without having to also remember to get the less often used credit and loyalty cards from the glove compartment. But how few cards can you get away with? 

Credit card wallets do not take notes or coins.


Coin purses are great for a lot of coins but either don’t take notes or you still have to fold them .


A modern take on this is the DJIN from Koala Gear. For 59AU$


This design seems to work for the 10-15 coins with its flip open tray and also the hidden slot for SD card but perhaps not grip the 10 cards it holds.  

There are coin holders for £1 and £2 coins but none for the other UK coins. A tube holder like the case for a pocket microscope holds more coins than you are ever likely to need and remains small, easy to access the coins and very pocketable. Unfortunately there is no designed for coin version of this or anything like it.

The slimmer the wallet the less it can accommodate.

The rigid metal case wallets are usually slim but allow for no expansion  and most will not take coins. For a dozen credit cards, loyalty cards and business cards it is neat and cheap at £1.84.

One choice is to go larger.


Even much larger into a “man bag”. 

So what can we find on the internet via YouTube, kickstarter and indiegogo?

And then find a cheaper less well made version sold on Amazon and eBay (  ).

Ögon Designs came up with the Stockholm wallet. It holds 10 cards and banknotes. Costs €29,90.

The Stockholm V2 is €49 with improved metal lock but these prices convert to £29 and £45 on Amazon.

or you can get a style copy on eBay for £1.25, Just don't drop it - the plastic hinge easily breaks apart upon impact.


Loose coins in a metal or hard plastic case rattle.

The plastic clip may break or become loose and it is not so water tight as the V2 Stockholm but you can buy a lot or replacements for the difference in price.

These do not claim to take coins but a fair number of £1, 20p, etc coins can slip in the bottom slot.

The Code wallet has a choice of 1000 codes; but always to be left at 000.

At €79 or £69 in Amazon

Ögon Cascade Wallet was also funded on kickstarter.

It only holds six cards, has a trifold for bank notes and costs €49,90 or £65.

Perhaps the original sliding case design was from Secrid as it the design that others are compared to.

The twin version holds 12 cards but at a cost of £74.95.


There is also an optional Moneyband and card slide for coins.

£29.99 on eBay

Another sliding card holder is the Zenlet.

The Zenlet 2+ unibody with the sliding coin holder for 7-11 cards is £91.24 (USD $117.34)

The design certainly got the backing on kickstarters

You can get a smart looking copy on eBay for £2.24 holding only 5 cards and has no expansion for coins.

Another design and its copy is Tru Virtu Wallet (cash and cards).

Version 2 is £43.99 on Amazon other colours are available for £30.74.

There is a clip top and bottom to give access to coins and note or credit cards, It will then flip open to the other side. It is thicker than the other aluminium designs but  holds 6 bank notes, coins, 6 credit cards and space for 2 more.

The eBay copy is £3.12.

Going back to basics this £1.79 card wallet has the Magic X compartment for notes.


There is a similar design that includes a coin purse but at £66.94 on eBay makes the less posh one more appealing.

Not a great deal cheaper sporting an ID card holder the £51.02 Garzini


Then trying to be everything and only going back to the bulky wallet the Magic Wallet with Coin Pocket Von Manage Winner 4444 Black Leather Wallet for €37,90

Going really basic the Webbing Wallet Basic is a minimalist wallet that holds 4 to 10 cards and 10 bank notes.  All for $1 plus the excessive US postal service costs to ship it. Less than 4 cards they may slip, as will any coins or small objects.

A DIY Magic X wallet can be seen here.

The materials are tough and hard wearing unlike my 2p 50mm wide elastic band.

$7.99 on Amazon holds a couple of coins and SD card and notes in the centre.

Moral Origins on kickstarter ( ) have an expandable wallet made of cork leather. That holds up to 8 cards, bank notes, a key and coins and costs £16.

But does it solve the problem of carrying coins as well?

Shipping, on Facebook ( ) and the website is

I investigated cork wallet designs further in "cork wallets".

The Micro Wallet is made of Tyvek® creating a very thin but tough wallet that holds 8 cards and bank notes.

The Magic coin pouch fits into the tiny pocket of your jeans.

There are many designs that cope well with cards and bank notes but fail with coins. Get a coin purse. £1.99 from eBay and a separate card holder.

A coin wallet in the form of a tube is a fixed form but takes a load of coins.




A good site to compare several designs is at Slim Wallet Junkie  

Some wallets now include tech features as trackers connecting to your phone by Bluetooth and even recharging packs - as if bulky wallets was not already a problem.

Articles and comments at and a range of wallets to buy from the one site at

Last updated 27th August 2018