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For over 50 years the Prestige brand had become synonymous with household cooking in the UK and many export markets. Prestige has been established and invigorated as a major brand of products known for their quality, performance and value. Embracing cookware, bakeware, kitchen utensils, Prestige is also a growing brand in the small domestic appliance category with their stylish, modern and functional designs.

For many people Prestige is synonymous with the Hi-Dome Aluminium Pressure cooker and a range of hard wearing kitchen utensils.

The rose wood handle kitchen utensils where sold in the 1970s. High quality finish and displayed beautifully on their own hangers. They came out before dishwashers became common and this is perhaps their main weak point as immersion in very hot water dulls the handles. They are stainless steel, and not suitable for Teflon coated cooking pans other than the nylon spoon shown below.

There was a Skyline set that looked similar but was less expensive and not as well finished.




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Last updated 12th June 2010