Visonik 5001 Speakers

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Visonik sold a range of speakers under the David range in the 1970/80s. The metal housing and grills and Nextel  finish made them stand out from the wood veneer cabinets of their competitors.

The David 5001 wedge shaped speakers where well liked as monitor speakers giving a quality of performance that belied their size (17cm height, 11 cm wide, 11cm deep). They weigh in at 1646 grams each.

System:                     2 way
Nominal power:        40 watts
Max. power:              50 watts
Frequency range:     50-25000 Hz
Impedance:               4 ohm
Components:            Bass 98mm
Components:            Tweeter 25mm Kalotte/Calotte
for room size:            10-20 square metres
dimension:                172x109x100 mm

The David 5001 included wall brackets which could be mounted vertical or horizontally and bolted on the back shelf of a car.

The pair shown here were used with a Blaupunkt SM21 Frankfurt FM radio and with Uher CR240 and CR160 cassette recorders.

The Nextel  finish gave a warm soft touch feel but does not age well with the surface becoming slightly rough and wears off.

Speaker cables are connected by spring clips.

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Small speakers lack the bass of larger book shelf speakers but these diminutive speakers don't disappoint and nor do you feel that you have to switch over to using larger speakers to enjoy the music or radio drama.

Sale Results at auction


09/07/27    27.31EUR
11/10/14    65USD
09/08/01    56.55EUR
11/04/29    20USD
10/03/23    62EUR
11/08/19    45.50EUR
11/10/02    41GBP


In 2004 Visonik re-introduced the 5001, adding a higher 100 watt version, powered sub-woofer and an Active version with a 15 watt digital power amplifier for tweeter and bass-midrange sections David Active speakers pdf

Last updated 3rd October 2012