Uher Miniline VG840, EG740, CR240, Z141

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In the 1960s there were stereo music centres. In the 1970s the idea of separate components resulted in large boxes full of air and an array of switches and levers. Then, in the 1980s some manufactures fitted the electronics into smaller boxes.

The CR240 followed on from the earlier CR124 and CR210 but included equalisation switching for tape types of Ferric, Ferric Chrome and Chrome and Dolby B.

The mini-line pre-amplifier and tuner where designed to match the CR240. The Z140 power supply and 60W power amplifier has the same floor plan but considerably taller.

Like the Cambridge Audio P80 the VG840 includes two tape inputs (one DIN and the other RCA phono), tuner and auxiliary. Making up for the absent cassette input it has two moving magnet phono inputs, one DIN and one RCA phono. Before karaoke it also includes a stereo mic input and mixer. 


The compact size of the Mini-line units still managed to include selection for two turntables and two tape recorders and a microphone input. The speaker switch mutes the power amplifier. Both the DIN and phono input for a turntable were for moving magnet cartridges.

The Z140 power amplifier has DIN speaker outputs for 4 ohm speakers. It powered a pair of JR149 MkII speakers. The 60W into 4 ohms could not push the JR149 to their full potential but for the modest listen levels my parents used it for that was never an issue.

The EG740 tuner has a digital display of the frequency and VU meters for signal strength. The seven presets are set by using a 'TAKE OVER' button. Memory is stored by a rechargeable battery. This aspect was the cause for frequent repairs but then was fine for many years. An attractive unit and very good at capturing weak FM signals. This and having MW was the reason I connected one along side my Meridian 104 FM tuner.

Mini-line stand

Uher made a stand for the Mini-line with the power amplifier on the base, the cables in the column and the cassette deck, tuner and pre-amp on a shelf at the top.


As the Z140 power amplifier repeated blew the capacitors Uher UK engineers made a power supply for the pre-amplifier and tuner. The intention was to add a suitable power amplifier. This never happened and it was sold as shown.

A second EG740 tuner and a Z141 (a power supply only) where added to the Meridian 101B/104 system. A VG840 pre-amp was sourced from eBay many years later. It promptly blew out the Z141 and that in turn the tuner. The repair bills being about 60 Euros a unit.

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Manuals for the CR160, CR240, VG840, EG740, Z141

Last updated 15th February 2022