Uher CR160 Cassette recorder

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Introduction - a history

The CR160 was released in 1984 offering Dolby C as well as Dolby B, stereo built in speakers and soft touch buttons for start, pause, stop and record retaining the heavy rewind and fast forward switch from the CR210/CR240.

The Sony Professional Walkman WM-D6C and CR160 were a similar price. Half of the original  rice of the CR240.

When I upgraded to the CR160 with Dolby C I gave the CR240 to my parents along with the matching Uher Miniline FM/MW tuner and pre/power amplifier.

The Sony Professional WalkmanWM-D6C is far smaller, fitting inside a jacket pocket also offers Dolby C and can record on and playback Metal tapes lossing the Ferri chrome position. The Uher CR160 has the edge over the Sony WM-D6C but differences are slight and has proven to be easier to maintain. The Uher CR240 had many repairs and tweaks under warranty and more later. The Uher CR160 also had a number of teething problems and more recently sourcing parts has been difficult.



Sale Results at auction




Manuals for the CR160, VG840, EG740, Z141

Last updated 16th February 2022