Sony D-350 Discman

Sale Results at Auction


In 1991 the D-350 shared the top model status with the D-Z555. Slight more expensive the D-350 has a full numeric keypad to the direct selection of tracks and a LCD display showing a grid with the track numbers.


Single bit 8 times oversampling and Sony’s own CXD2550 digital filter gives the D-350 a smooth and detailed sound that is on par with the best full sized machines of the time.

Battery life was not very long but a clip on battery pack allowed two AA batteries to give extra playing time on the move. 

The plastic case accommodates the extra battery pack. The case soon started to crack along the hinge.

It also has a CR2016 battery to maintain the clock.

The headphones have a special flat connector that allows the inline control to select or skip tracks. The MDR-A21 headphones are ridge and fold in the middle. Standard 3.5mm jack enables standard in ear phones to be used. There are also separate sockets for line out, remote and external power supply.

The power supply unit is a two pin European standard, although this unit was purchased from a UK registered dealer.

It is at home in a top end hi-fi set up as it is for use a a portable CD player on the move.

Fronting a pair of powered or active speakers like the Bose Roommates or B&W MM-1 makes for an ultra compact hi-fi set up.


Sale Results at auction


*91/03/27 260GBP (Ask Electronics)
10/11/11 206GBP  (unboxed)
10/12/06 192GBP  (unboxed)
11/05/03 94.57GBP (player+psu+case only)
11/07/05 199USD (player + psu only)
11/07/22 73GBP (unboxed, skips tracks)
13/04/30 118GBP (unboxed)
13/05/07 410GBP boxed and unused
13/09/25 410GBP
13/12/22 275.13USD (unboxed)
13/12/29 245GBP (unboxed)
14/01/12 237GBP (unboxed)
14/01/26 113GBP (unboxed)
14/02/02 82GBP (worn box, headphones damaged)
14/02/02 194.50USD (unboxed)
14/02/06 60.55GBP (boxed, no psu, headphones or instructions)
14/02/09 158.90GBP
14/02/23 184GBP (unboxed)
14/03/02 169.16USD (unboxed)
14/06/29 149GBP
*14/07/21 199GBP (complete boxed)



Last updated 10th August 2014