Need a new travel bag and daily carry bag?

This is my research notes for a trip that includes a wedding and two months touring India.  That may mean wearing a suit on the trip out and internal flights and have wedding presents to carry place to place for a couple of weeks.

There are two main problems with having a single carry on bag:-

I don't particularly want to go sight seeing with all the luggage and so need a protective daily bag. Ideally a daily carry bag should be able to be stored in the main backpack like a large packing cube with all the tech gear ready to pull out at the airport.  This may reduce the need for loads of pockets in the main backpack.  Having the daily carry bag being brief case style enables it to be used for the office and carried as a message bag if wearing the main backpack.  I have previously had a large 60 litre backpack with internal steel frame, waist straps and a zip-on small rucksack for carrying a camcorder.  I find waist straps useful even for 5kg and needed for hiking with 15-20kg of luggage.

Although it might be possible to cram all the things I am thinking of taking into one bag I still have to carry it around and a heavy single bag is going to be harder to manage and handle than two smaller or lighter weight bags even when that means adding another 800-1500 grams for a second bag. Also, to be honest, last time I hauled luggage around I was 43; at 65 my health and physical strength are not as good.

Below are convertible backpacks that made it to my short list after reviewing the many YouTube videos including those from Hack Packer and Chase Reeves (  Also are links to those I purchased and reviewed and the two I eventually picked for my trip.

The Wheelie case
Bobby Bizz
Tortuga Set Out Divide
Things to Pack for international travel
Packed Up and Ready To Go

List of carry on sizes and weights for airlines

Backpack specifications

Convertable Travel Bag

Too much to carry; but I am going to a wedding as well as touring so wearing a suit on flights. Ignore the extras such as video camera with its charger and batteries, the Compact camera, MeFoto tripod and large torch and no need for both laptop and tablet.  All clothes in packing cubes. Contents is about 32 litre and weighs 10.5kg (plus the weight of the bag).  The camera is in a small camera bag.  Some travel bags are under 1600 grams, add 400grams for a light storable daily backpack and I then have over 12kg in one bag.

If privately shipping from the USA to Europe the 4-5 pound packing weight will cost nearly US$70. There is then 20% VAT and the charge to collect that by the carrier (£13).


Black Ember V4 Modular

Bloqbag: The modular backpack and messenger bag
Continuum from Mr.Davis
Digital Nomad
eBags TLS Professional Weekender
Go Bag
Monyker Weekender
Peak Design Travel Bag
Standard - The Daily
Tom Bihn Tristar
Tortuga Setout Divide - My review on the Set Out Divide
V Bag - 5 in 1 backpack system

Convertable Camera/Day bag

When touring or daily commute to work, some of the things to be carried.

All this fills an old Minolta SLR camera bag, weighs nearly 5kg with an external volume of 13.2 litres. The items themselves amount to about 11 litres (packed into a box with internal space 440x300x90mm). I would like to take a larger MeFoto tripod,  but that adds another 1200g.

The 12" convertible laptop  is only 300g heavier than the 8" tablet, but needs its own power supply and takes up a greater volume.

Hackback - my review of the Hackpack - adding organisation to the Hackpack - Hackpack as a carry briefcase
Mark Ryden Anti-theft Cosmo Series Water Resistant Laptop Backpack
Temporary Forever 24 and 48 hour switch
Tom Bihn packing cube backpack
XD Design Bobby Bizz - my review on the Bobby Bizz

Under garment bags
Origami Unicorn
The PLIQO bag
Packing for International Travel: What to pack
Packed Up and Ready To Go

Backpack Specifications

mm Weight (g) litre cost waist strap
Agile 419 165-215 26-35 $169 no
Black Ember V4 Modular 508 330 203 1800 33 $211 optional 4kg with packing cubes
Continuum from Mr.Davis 500 340 180 1140 30 $79 3rd party whilst stocks
Digital Nomad 550 350 200 1850 35 € 179 included
eBags TLS Professional Weekender 533.4 355.6 203.2 1570 32 £135.44 3rd party
Go Bag 500 350 200 35 £180 3rd party
Instinct 500 320 220 1540 35 £125 no
Loopbag 470 320 160 1000 30-40 $179 3rd party
Monyker Weekender 482.6 330.2 152.4 2545 30 $299 3rd party inc.edc & sling
Peak Design Travel Bag 560 330 230-290 2050 30-45 $235 included avail. Dec.
Standard - The Daily 450 280 150 1000 18 $119 3rd party
Tom Bihn Tri-star 480 330 205 1253 33 $330 optional
Tom Bihn Western Flyer 455 305 180 985 26 $240 optional  
Tortuga Setout Divide 508 330 150-203 1737 26-34 $179 included no Europe shipping
V Bag - 5 in 1 backpack 483 330 46-203 1360 28 $70 3rd party
Hackpack 406 300 124-154 1115 11 $150 3rd party
Mark Ryden Anti-theft Cosmo Series Water Resistant Laptop Backpack 450 300 140     £77.99    
Qwstion Simple Office 400 300 110 900 12.5 £135 3rd party
Temporary Forever 24 hour switch 425 300 115 1250 ? € 245 3rd party
Temporary Forever 48 hour switch 420 290 100-160 1350 ? € 330 3rd party
Tom Bihn Stowaway 355 240 205 930 12 $180 optional  
XD Design Bobby Bizz 445 310 120 1200 10 € 99.95 3rd party

Travel Bags


Black Ember


Bloqbag: The modular backpack and messenger bag

Cancelled on kickstarter.

Continuum from Mr.Davis

Discounted to $79 for remaining stocks.

Digital Nomad

eBags TLS Professional Weekender

Go Bag


( )

Total set

Review from Traveling Salseros


Monyker Weekender

Peak Design Travel Bag

Delivery Dec 2018

Standard - The Daily

Tom Bihn Tristar


Tortuga Setout Divide

Review: Tortuga Set Out Divide

Pack Hacker


Unwork to Travel review

Traveling Salseros


V Bag - 5 in 1 backpack system

Camera bag/Day bag

CADeN Backpack

£36.99, 390x300x140 mm 1260g model L5-BK


Hackpack V1.0 review

Temporary Forever 24 and 48 hour switch

Tom Bihn Packing Cube backpack

460 x 310 x 90 mm, 260 grams and if used as daily carry bag needs a camera insert and padded back for a tablet.

Toppu 3 way bag

This looks similar to the Temporary Forever 48 hour switch. $69.99 440 x 310 x 90~120 cm 1100g

but no camera compartment.

XD Design Bobby Bizz

Bobby Bizz review



Mark Ryden Anti-theft Cosmo Series Water Resistant Laptop Backpack

Under garment packing

Origami Unicorn



The PLIQO bag

Suit case bag but at £120 there has to be cheaper solutions

Not convertible backpack

Wiwu OnePack

 - nice, inexpensive with lots of packing modules but the straps do not pack away.,searchweb201602_2_10152_10065_10151_10344_10068_5723115_10130_10324_10342_10547_10325_10343_10340_10341_10548_10696_10192_10190_10084_5722520_10083_10618_10307_10820_10301_10821_10303_5722620_5722920_10059_5722720_5722820_100031_10103_10624_10623_10622_10621_10620,searchweb201603_55,ppcSwitch_2&algo_expid=f770c5d9-b54c-4af9-bb2a-f056d45fbb21-39&algo_pvid=f770c5d9-b54c-4af9-bb2a-f056d45fbb21&priceBeautifyAB=0



Arcido Akra and Vaga

Vaga can be carried flat inside the Akra. Nice features but the straps do not pack away.

Last updated 8thSeptember 2018