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5ft rabbit hutch. Roof needs renovation to support the floor top felt.

small rabbit hutch. The roof has been renovated and is water proof. Can be dismantled flat for transport.

Krups CafePress 10 Plus. The espresso side is working well. However the drip filter does not switch on. So if you want to try espresso coffee but no sure about the cost of a new machine try it yourself for free.

The Friedland MyChime allows you to transfer your own MP3 sounds or music to use when the bell push is pressed. The software works on Windows XP. 
The Bell push is weather worn - working, but the plastic is yellow and not white.
It does get through batteries quickly which is why I have got a mains powered replacement. 
Bell is loud. The bell unit in good condition.

The 3D control handle runs for a few days between charges. No brush heads are included - a two pack is under 10 from the likes of Tesco. The 5000 includes a bluetooth display with clock. The battery for the 5000 needs charging daily. The charger works for both included brush handles. Travel pack holder for one brush handle and heads as shown.

Radio Cassette - FM and MW working okay, tape does not. It might be fixable. Battery/mains. Was the kitchen radio running off mains.

ockable window latches
some lockable window latches
5 lever door lock and handle

PC cases

Generic case with Gigabyte 7vtxeh e 1002 motherboard - wont boot (no screen), possible not detecting the RAM I tried. Assume motherboard non-functional. no power supply,  no cables, no drives as shown

Aopen case ATX  no power supply,  no cables, no drives, no motherboard.

Parkard Bell case ATX no power supply,
 no cables, no drives, no motherboard.

PC case - no power supply - no cables, no drives. no motherboard. Was used with ATX Pentium III board. Just the case as shown in the picture below.

Creative Encore 5 with DxR2 PC-DVD accelerator card drive assumed not be working was last used with NT4, Win 98 and no drivers for XP. The accelerator card has a pass through cable to the graphics card for the display. Ran on a Pentium II 550MHz PC

Jars - usually 10 to 30 of each type

The Tale of the Floppy Bunnies

VHS Tapes

The Knack Vol 1 and Vol 2

small jug

Assumed not working Iomega Jaz drives, pair of 2Gb heads look okay, not sure of what the fault is. 1Gb and 2Gb drive heads clearly damaged. There are internal Jaz and Zip drives around that would fit. No PSU.


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