ULCA Camera

MINI ULCA CAMERA [ FRONT OF CAMERA ONLY ] MADE IN PITTSBURGH PA. USA. Approx 2 1/4 inch long, Please view pictures carefully. Lens is cracked, name plate is loose. Use for parts. Shutter works,


(1930's) Cameras with this name were made in several countries and sold in many more. They all look much the same, no matter what country they come from, and vary only slightly in style.  Most produced 20x20mm images, but some apparently created 24x24mm images.  The cameras are all a simple cast-metal design with a viewfinder on top and a single shutter speed.    (details from www.subclub.org)

Electronic bank transfer (covering bank fees if any). UK cheques or international money orders in sterling.  Paypal is free of charges to the seller if transferred from your bank account to my personal account (no credit cards). Exchange rates taken from the Royal Mail Exchange Bureau. See Currency Converter

Postage: for 200grams
  Any questions please ask.

The  price is 14GBP, 22USD, 19EUR plus postage

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Last updated  12th June 2003