Minox Price List from Nov 1994 from Leica UK  

See http://www.submin.com/ for details on subminiature cameras.  
Item weight:  10g, add 80g (small items) to 450g (large items) for packaging.  
Goods as described.
Electronic bank transfer (covering bank fees if any). UK cheques or international money orders in sterling.  Paypal is free of charges to the seller if transferred from your bank account to my personal account (no credit cards). Exchange rates taken from the Royal Mail Exchange Bureau. See Currency Converter
For postage options see Postage. For detailed postage rates please use the international  Postal tables of the Royal Mail.
Please check out my other auctions Any questions please ask early.

The price is 0.25GBP plus postage  

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Last updated  12th June 2003