JOBO 8x11 reel for Minox, Yashica, Acmel, Sharan

The Minox daylight loading developing tank is no longer in production. As a replacement 8x11film in conjunction with JOBO and MINOX have now made available a version of the popular DuoSet 1501 reel especially for Minox 8x11 film. Details can be found at and instructions in English can be downloaded.

The reel will fit JOBO 1500 and other JOBO developing tanks. These are available on Ebay for as little as 10GBP (15EURO) or new for under 30EURO from High Street shops.


See details on Jobo 8x11 reel for Minox film subminiature cameras  
Item weight:  180 grams including jiffy bag  
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