Minox Copex film  
www.8x11film.com have been demonstrating the exceptionally high quality of the Afga Copex film and the Spur Nanospeed developer that can be obtained with all 8x11 Minox cameras. The response from Photokina and recent shows and meetings across Germany has been astonishing. Visit www.8x11film.com to see the results achieved with this combination. The 36 exposure Copex film is factory loaded by Minox GmbH. This assures full quality control as in all Minox products.


These products are new.  Film is dated December 2010 and has been stored in a refrigerator since leaving the factory so good for a few years to come.  
See http://www.submin.com/ for details on subminiature cameras.  
Item weight:  16g each. Total weight depends upon number ordered - add 150g (small items) to 450g (large items) for packaging.  
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Price 7.80 (each) plus postage plus VAT @ 20% in EU countries.