Variations in Subminiature Camera
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The Encyclopaedia "Variations in Subminiature Cameras" is over 5.650 gigabyte in size (31,768 files, 5120 web pages, over 8950 scanned paged from manuals and brochures). It is the largest single source for information on subminiature cameras and is now available as two DVD volumes or 12 (twelve) CDs.

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DVD-R (optionally DVD+R)

CD-R set of 6, (details as for the DVD, but on 6 CD-ROMS)

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Brief overview:

Variations in Subminiature Cameras

The collection of information on 110, 16mm, 17.5mm (HIT), 35mm, 8mm, APS, Large format subminiatures, cameras using disc, etc, currently stands at over 3.58Gb, over 23,375 files and includes detailed photographs of variations on all cameras and accessories along with notes on the models and a history of auction results. The detailed photographs of cameras and accessories include views from each side and inside the film chamber. Some cameras have been disassembled to show details. In addition a range of 8x11mm format cameras from Acmel, Nikoh, Enica, Yashica and Cosmo Omega are included.

Variations in Minox Subminiature Cameras

Minox 8x11 information is so extensive that it takes a volume of it's own and is sold separately.

The collection of 8x11 information currently stands at over 2.48Gb, over 12,000 files and includes detailed photographs of variations on all Minox 8x11 cameras and accessories including original packaging used. Included are other 8x11mm format cameras from Acmel, Nikoh, Enica, Yashica and Cosmo Omega.

All Minox 35mm and APS cameras are detailed, the 110S, Minox Monoculars and telescope T8 adding to a total of 3.09Gb and 15,500 files giving a more complete history of Minox and it's products.

"You did a hell of a job! For someone looking for information on subminiatures it's all there at the tip of your fingers." Tom Palazzo, Dec. 2005
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