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The bank charges are complex on international transactions. But the aim is to reduce the costs of these charges as far as possible. To keep it simple use international money orders drawn in sterling or ask for exact figures.

Here are the options open:-

By arrangement:-


Exchange Rates

buying EUR 1.4469EUR=1GBP, selling EUR 1.592205EUR=1GBP. 
buying USD 1.7623USD=1GBP, selling USD 1.9550USD=1GBP
(1.218USD=1EUR)  subject to change


Here are some sample figures for posting. For other rates please use the Postal Calculator and tables

In July 2003 the Royal Mail acknowledged that 14.5 million letters went astray in the previous year and 1.5 million parcels stolen when left at the doorstep. Insurance is always advisable as the certificate of postage only covers to 27GBP for letters and 20GBP for parcels.

From 21st August 2006 prices are according to dimension as well as weight.

Prices changes often so check with Royal Mail for up to date figures.


Format Size Weight price
Maximum 240x165mm 5mm thick
0 - 100g
Large Letters Maximum 353x250mm 25mm thick
0 - 100g
101 - 250g
251 - 500g
501 - 750g
Small Parcel Any item over 353mm long OR 250mm wide OR over 25mm thick    
1000 - 2000g
Medium Parcel   <1000g 565p
1001 - 2000g 890p
2001 - 5000g 1585p
5001 - 10000g 2190p
10001 - 20000g 3340p


  Special Delivery Compensation UK Standard standard compensation cover up to the value of £20 UK Confirmed signed for standard compensation cover up to the value of £50
100g 6.40GBP postage refund plus compensation for actual loss up to the value of the item, or 100 x 1st class stamps at the first weight step, whichever is the lowest;  covered by Certificate of Posting, otherwise use Special Delivery for up to 500GBP, to 1000GBP add 1.00GBP and to 2500GBP add 2.00GBP


<1Kg 5.65GBP <1Kg 6.65GBP
100-500g 7.15GBP
0.5-1Kg 8.45GBP      
1-2Kg 11GBP 1-2Kg 8.90GBP 1-2Kg 10GBP
2-5Kg 15.85GBP  2-5Kg 16.95GBP  
2-10Kg 26.60GBP 5-10Kg 21.90GBP 5-10Kg 23GBP
10-20Kg 41.20GBP 10-20Kg 33.40GBP 10-20Kg 34.50GBP


TO Europe USA, Canada and Worldwide

Europe: includes western and eastern Europe

Zone 1: the Americas, Middle East, Africa, Indian sub-continent, most of SE Asia inc Hong Kong

Zone 2: rest of the world

  Europe Airmail
Small Parcel
Zone 1
Small Parcel
Zone 2 Small Parcel


Standard to USA (check options with Parcel Force web site)
100g 3.20GBP 3.80GBP 4GBP International tracked & signed with insurance Airmail small parcel rate plus
5GBP insurance to 50GBP add another  2.50GBP insured to 250GBP


Additional insurance ?GBP to 250GBP cover; ?GBP to 500GBP cover.
250g 3.70GBP 4.75GBP 5.05GBP
750g 6.60GBP 10.15GBP 10.75GBP
1Kg 8.05GBP 12.85GBP 13.60GBP
1.25Kg 9.50GBP 15.55GBP 16.45GBP
1.5Kg 10.95GBP 18.25GBP 19.30GBP
1.75Kg 12.40GBP 20.95GBP 22.15GBP ?GBP
2Kg 13.85GBP 23.65GBP 25GBP n/a ?GBP
Printed paper for each additional 250g or part thereof 1.45GBP 2.70GBP 2.85GBP

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