Sony Vaio PCG-C1XN


Sony Picture book notebook computer with 266MHz Celeron processor, 128Mb RAM, 6Gb hard drive, built in web camera. Includes power supply, original Sony Vaio external USB floppy disk drive, connector for use with VGA screen and composite video, original recovery discs, original packaging and original battery pack.


The memory has been upgraded from the original 64Mb to 128Mb. The original battery is still good but the larger, and heavier battery (not included) is need for longer use without mains.

The operating system is Windows 98SE. The motion eye camera works well but Netmeeting and Skype no longer supports Win98 to use the web camera.

I have used the camera to take photographs, write computer programmes and write up documents whilst taking the daily 75 minute journey on the train. The screen is 1024x480 on an 8.9" TFT display which is larger and clearer than most of the new netbook devices.

It works well with external USB analogue TV devices such as the Hauppauge USB WinTV and Psion Wavefinder DAB digital radio and DVD and CD-RW devices from Freecom using either iLink or USB or PCMCIA interfaces, Xircom Rex 5000 and 6000 and USB memory stick reader. Ethernet and fax/modem are not included and I have been using a Xircom PCMCIA card. It has been put to good use for transferring photos from a number of cameras, camcorders and inter-connection with SCSI Jaz and firewire devices.

Even with the limits of the 266MHz processor and Win98 it still proves the centre of attention at the office particular as it is so light in weight and the screen so bright and sharp.

The bottom most picture shows the large battery (not included) which will run this machine for over 5 hours. The photos also show both batteries being charged up.

The floppy disc drive has a few scratch marks from being carried. The top of the notebook has a tiny mark, too small to be seen on the photos, but otherwise is clean. The screen is clean and no dead pixels. The original soft rubber feet have rubbed off. The power supply has a tiny crack in the outer plastic which exposes a little of the copper shield, which is not damaged. This can easily be taped up for extra protection.

Spare caps for the pointer device (middle of the keyboard) are supplied.

Reasons for sale : I haven't used since not commuting on the train and so it is surplus.

Item weight: lots as there is a lot of packaging as well as the hand books. 3365g  
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